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Retirement planning

Everyone has a different idea of what their retirement may look like. You may envisage your retirement as living the life of a grey nomad, travelling the world, enjoying your sporting or other recreational interests, or just simply spending time with family and friends. The likelihood is that it is some of, or all of, a combination of these things.


Our approach to Pre-Retirement & Retirement Planning is to; work with you to help you understand what you want your retirement to look like; guide you with what you need to do from now to make it more of a reality; and structure your financial position to ensure you have the best chance of being able to fund your retirement in its entirety.


At Speering Wealth, our professional services related to Retirement Planning include:

  • Advice and strategic direction in Pre-Retirement & Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Budgeting & Cashflow Advice

  • Superannuation & Non-Superannuation Product & Investment Advice

  • Income stream Advice

  • Centrelink Advice

  • Aged Care Advice

  • Estate Planning Advice


Our focus over many years has been aimed at establishing & maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients built on mutual trust, loyalty & respect.


Planning for your retirement can never start too early, so contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation

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