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superannuation & non-superannuation investment advice

Where should I invest my money? How much should I invest? For how long do I need to invest to reach my goals? These are all questions we regularly receive from people unsure of how to build their wealth. There are so many investment options available, so many rules & regulations that are applicable (both superannuation & non-superannuation), that it can become daunting for clients to successfully navigate.

At Speering Wealth, we work with you to educate you through the complexities & to navigate you through the vast array of options available. Our professional services related to Superannuation & Non-Superannuation Investment Advice include:

  • Advice and strategic direction in Wealth Accumulation Planning

  • Superannuation Contribution Strategy Advice

  • Budgeting & Cashflow Advice including future scenario modelling

  • Superannuation & Non-Superannuation Product & Investment Advice

  • Investment Structure advice including SMA’s, ETF’s, Managed Funds & Portfolio Services.

  • Investment Risk assessment & Asset Allocation Advice

  • Tax Minimisation Strategies

  • Gearing & Debt Management Advice

  • Estate Planning Advice


Our focus over many years has been aimed at establishing & maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients built on mutual trust, loyalty & respect.

Planning for your future can never start too early, so contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation

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