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wealth protection & personal insurance advice

Protecting yourself &/or your family is an important component of any financial plan to ensure the success and longevity of your financial plan. Most people don’t consider the pressure that can be placed on your financial position due to illness or injury. Planning for unforeseen events will allow you & your family the freedom to choose the level & type of medical treatment required if an insurance event occurs and the ability to protect & sustain your financial position including personal & financial assets.

A comprehensive protection plan will generally address the following types of insurances:
•    Death cover;
•    Total & Permanent Disablement cover;
•    Income Protection (temporary disablement) cover;
•    Business expense cover (self employed);
•    Trauma insurance; and
•    Health insurance.

At Speering Wealth, our professional services related to Wealth Protection & Personal Insurance Advice include:
•    Advice on appropriate levels, structures, ownership & types of Personal Insurances
•    Budgeting & Cashflow Advice to ensure affordability 
•    Business Succession Planning Advice including Ownership Protection & Key Person Insurance
•    Estate Planning Advice

Our focus over many years has been aimed at establishing & maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients built on mutual trust, loyalty & respect. 

Protecting yourself &/or your family can never start too early, so contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation

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